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  • The Benefits Are Clear:

    • Time saver because you no longer need to spend time looking for great services and activities for your organization
    • Improves morale because our perks make people feel appreciated
    • Easy program to manage because we do all the work & it's all online.
    With the premium program we will also build you a custom website portal for your employees.
*For the 3% Earn Back your company will be paid out at the end of the year and you will earn 3% on purchases that go through the Great Work Perks shopping cart. There will be no money earned on perks that do not go through our shopping cart like Disneyland and others.

Over 2,500 Current Member Companies Including


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Monthly winners will be drawn randomly. You will be entered to win a pair of tickets to Disneyland, or LEGOLAND, or Universal Studios, or movie tickets or other fun prizes to download all rules CLICK HERE

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