How Our Free Employee Discount Program Works

Great Work Perks is a free employee benefit program for human resource professionals, office managers, and business owners that makes your employees happy, saves you time, & reduces corporate expenses. We do NOT need any of your employees' personal information & there are No hidden fees. Our goal is to make your job easier and your employees happier!

Your company just needs one representative to sign up! Each week, Great Work Perks e-mails you an updated e-newlsetter with premium employee discounts available for you and your fellow employees. You then simply forward the e-newsletter internally or post it to your intranet.

The Benefits Are Clear!

  • Improves workplace morale
  • HR Timesaver because you no longer need to spend time looking for great services and activities for your employees
  • Turnkey easy for you to implement because we do all the work for you
  • Free to companies & employees, there are NO hidden charges
  • Safe because we do not need any of your employees personal information and we do not share or sell information
  • Reduce corporate expenses by saving money on catering, corporate outings, office parties & business expenses
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After You Sign Up

You will receive your free Great Work Perks benefit cards to be distributed to all of your employees and a kick-off letter that explains the program to your employees. Again there are no hidden charges.

You should receive the e-newsletter every Monday with the latest perks. IMPORTANT: If you are NOT receiving the e-newsletter on a weekly basis it means it is accidentally being filtered out by your e-mail service or corporate server. Please email us at and we can provide you with a quick fix.

We're constantly adding new premium perks and offers in your area to perk up your workplace!

What makes Great Work Perks different from national employee discount programs?

We find unique and premium employee discounts to local restaurants, goods and services in the Greater Los Angeles area that you cannot find elsewhere. Large companies use us to bolster their employee discount offerings and small and medium sized companies count on us to initiate and manage their programs. Also, see below for other free services we can provide.

How does Great Work Perks make money if it is free to our company and employees?
We charge a small fee to the perk providers (restaurants, spas, shops & services) to communicate their special offers to all of our members. It's a true win-win because they get more business and your employees receive great discounts!

What other services can Great Work Perks provide to our company? We will...

  1. Participate in your health fairs or initiate & manage them for you
  2. Provide prizes for internal company giveaways
  3. Put on holiday gift fairs & food fairs
  4. Obtain discounts for your corporate events & activities

Call us with any questions at 310-738-2727 or email us at